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    Hey guys I'm new to this community!

    I've been doing sketches and doodles for a while,but never actually received much feedback,so I'm currently searching for advice/comments!

    thanks for your replies :P


    ps.sorry for broken English,not a native speaker lol...

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    Beautiful drawings. The eyes are a bit too big.

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    Janhackstrom I got it! :) thxxxx


    Good morning again, soda, and I think that your figures and faces are well-articulated in terms of lines, spaces, and relationships, but I feel that I can be sharp enough about this, therefore, these gestures all don't look or seem intuitive enough to me. How would you like to speed up harder and loosen up your dominant & non-dominant hands with 10 minutes of 30 second faces and figures and such with either hand?

    The reason why you would and could free up your pair of hands ambidextrously is because of the whole, entire point of quick speed sketches and gestures to make your sketches and pictures less stiffer and more than fluid in the organic mess of the perception of edges all the way down to the perception of the gestalt. As Chuck Jones put it:

    We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us - the sooner we get them out, the better

    Hope this tip and trick have helped you out, and I hope you'll care about the process over product.


    I agree...I'm a bit too concerned with the anatomy,thus often miss the flow.I'll work on loosening up my hands more.Thanks Polyvios!


    Wow! Great sketches. Your enegy, dynamism, and expression are fantastic, each sketch is clear and immeidately invokes an emotion. I especially love that you don't shy away from mixing lines (a graphic approach) with values (a painterly approach) and indicate shading, even if it's just two tone.

    If you want to challenge yourself, I suggest changing your style to a more realistic one. Currently, it's more cartoonish (the size of the eyes, the exaggeration of the eyebrows, and the stylization of the teeth into blocks). As you change your style out of your comfort zone, I think it'll help you in your future sketches.

    Another nitpick is the blue man's back, I find the muscles hard to read, perhaps due to the lack of a spine or a clearly hierarchy. In life, muscles are often very irregular, but maybe for a painting, you want to "edit" life a bit to give a clear hierachy of the muscles based on size or tenseness.


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    Your understanding of core shadows is nice. And the lines and style look very intentional. Learning to interpret into a cartoon style is not a problem in my opinion. You can potentially learn more by interpreting rather then copying pixel by pixel. But the people still have a few rules that need to abide by or the drawing will look “off” or “wrong”. That is proportion, anatomy, light and shadow. The biggest issue that stands out is the anatomy of the eyes. The size is not a problem for me but the irises need to be looking in the same direction.

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