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    Hey everyone :)

    Recently I have decided to practice drawing in a more organized and structured way. Thats how I found this super useful website.

    For now I am mainly focusing on the human anatomy and I decided to practice every day 30 minutes with the figure drawing sessions.

    I can imagine that it is sometimes hard to keep sticking to a routine, so I decided to share my progress and I hope this will motivate me even more.

    I am sure everyone has their own goals and projects to focus on, however I would appreciate any advice, tips, guidance or critique you could share with me. :)

    Thats all for now, I wish everyone a nice day and happy drawing! :)

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    Honestly those are looking really good. As a beginner I have no advice. Keep going and excited to be able to follow your progress


    I really like your drawings. I think you could benefit from exaggerating your line of action. I struggle with the same thing, as I try to replicate references instead of using them, so they retain a very rigid feel. Exaggerating the LOA would help give your figures more life!

    I think making your figures bigger would also help since your lines become longer and have more "feeling" in them. I hope my advice is taken positively and best wishes on your drawing journey :)


    Good evening, Yunfair, and welcome aboard to Line of Action, and I'm Polyvios and how are you doing tonight? Say, great job on your range of motion and spaces and relationships.(proportions and angles) Please keep up the great work.

    However, when it comes to a constructive, not a criticism, but a critique, I feel and think that the bones and muscles don't look or seem too fluid and flowing enough to me. How would you love to free up your range of action and gestures with 65 minutes of 5 minute sketches of nudes and non-nudes, using only your non-dominant hand, using the vertical flips, then the horizontal flip? The argument behind that constructive critique is because of two reasons: First of all, is to help you caricature your observations in figures and anything else, and second to help your think in terms of the longer and larger lines and shapes in your bodies and lines of action and rhythm. For even more info, please look into Volumes 1 and 2 of Walt Stanchfield's Drawn, and Draw from the Artist Within now available on Amazon. Hope these have been completely and totally useful.


    Hey Evils Master, Thephilistine and Polyvios Animations! :)

    First of all, thank you so much for your valuable advice, critique and opinions, it really encourages me to work on my weaknesses.

    I will try to implement your feedback as best I can.

    I will post further progress as soon as I am ready, but for now I wish everyone happy drawing and a nice week :)

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