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    Kim, if you're reading this topic, then what bugs me is that my practice streak hasn't been updated, when we're, which I'm saying I am, active practitioners. Please fix it for me and us.

    Polyvios Animations

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    P.S. Two Reasons: 1) I'm currently working on, at that time, Scenes & Environments. And 2) I just did 65 m (1h 5m) of practicing on that day, Friday, June 12,2020. I hope you'll have the time, money, stamina, and energy to fix up this bug. The sooner the better. Night. See ya tomorrow.


    Dear Kim,

    I'm now on the 0 day practice streak, and you didn't take action on it like you should have, cause you were busy with yourself on something. Would you help me get my old practice streak back, pretty please, please?? And you know why??? Because I wanna get to the practice streak of 47 on my scenes and environments ( knowing you and your website is trying hard to work on the bugs). Hope and pray that you will have the time.

    Polyvios Animations



    p.s. Last night I had 46 days of practice, but the my studio page says 45, and it's not right.

    Polyvios Animations


    Hello, Line of Action,

    Here are some images, to prove my point:(control-click, then open image in new tab)

    Here, and I hope it's been a helpful answer, especially you, Kim. And I'm sorry for the repetitive and confusing way I critique. I promise to specify those images I comment on. I really didn't mean to be totally unhelpful to those by and large. Please give me a chance to critique and view sketch images, won't you, please????? I totally wish to change my style of art critiques, and for my own sake, I really meant to try and do my job, just personal buisness. Thank you all.

    Polyvios Animations


    You should now be able to give it an edit and fix it when it accidentally drops time :)


    Thank you again.

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