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    I did a 2 hour class on figure and a 5 minute each on hands and feet practice.

    The first picture on the link to my tumblr is the 50 minutes one, and I was wondering how much detail do I need to do for a 50 minute figure drawing.

    I very much appreciate the critiques and thank you for the last critiques also! It made me try to improve than before!

    Link to the practice today:

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    Excellent job on your 2 hour class drawings, Eunlan, but I've got 2 smaller appeals: 1) Would you go for yet another 1 hour class set of figure studies? And 2) Why don't you do yet another 10 minutes of 30 second scrawls of hands and feet? (If you very haven't already??) The reasons why??? Because, 1: You'll get very spontaneous, lively and solid life drawings. And 2: You'll get a lot of 3D, but more cartoonier hand and feet constructions. Offer a prayer that it'll work out very well,

    Polyvios Animations


    Hello to you!

    Great frigures! To answer your question, there is no rules for ammount of detail in any allotted time. you are simply puting in as much can or as little as you want in any given ammount of time. I love your bold and chunky style with the charcoal, for your full figure draings, but the tightness and delicacy that your rendered the hands in show that you have finness and can draw cleanly. I would love to see more of that in your figure drawings. for your next long pose like 50min, maybe you can render the figure the same way as your hands. using careful observation and those beautiful lines of yours. If you are running out of time, and the drawing isn't where you want it, don't worry about it. You are practicing your rendering skills and you will get faster. if you find that you want to have a more finished drawing, then for your next practice, don't give yourself a time limit. Just draw until you feel it is finished. But do time yourself. That will give you some idea of how fast you work. Have fun!!!!!



    I havent had much luck on improving even tho i draw daily for hours so if you know what's wrong that would help a lot


    Nice post, Layla Uw U, but, I don't have access to your link, to see your current progress. Can you give me a password to your documents, pretty please???

    Polyvios Animations


    Yeah its laybay2468 kinda weird ik


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