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    Hello again, I just finished my gestures practice, and well, personally I think my gestures are not clear and I should use less lines, but I would like to know your opinions on this

    psdt: I just noticed that the gestures Kimon Nicolaides was referring to, is called "scribble gesture"

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    I agree with your self-assessment. When I started gesture drawings I noticed my drawings were scribbly too. I think this was happening because I was too focused on the contours of the models. When I start my drawings I try to consider only the necessary lines to convey the pose on the paper, Utilitarian if you will. Look at image 16. You did a great job conveying the back leg with one confident line. Notice how you made a long "S" curve with your line. You could extend that idea and make the whole torso and the back leg with just that line. Practice limiting your marks to the absolutely necessary and I think things will become more clear. :)

    I suggest watching videos by steve Huston and Glenn Vilppu for figure drawings. I found these two instructors helpful for me to focus on the feeling of the pose.


    Nice job on your "scribble gestures," Googoodolls132. Besides, I've got one really, very much smaller request: Why don't you do some gesture scribbles, in 30 seconds, all 10 of them, for 5 minutes, if you please? Because you'll use lesser and lesser lines. And, because, you'll use the liveliest lines in those scribbles. Hope you'll find it completely and potentially useful.

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    I do like your lines tho, I think it's a Good way to draw gesture in my opinion!. Maybe drawing the line of action would help or exaggerating some movements. Also you should try longer poses to see how you would resolve that!


    You have really alive poses! One thing I'd like to point out is the use of ovals, you should check out videos on opposing curves. Otherwise just keep it up


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