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    I am working on with the rainbow pencil with seven colors. Fine details are not possible and it wears of very fast, like I lose a good third of the pencil with a pic session.

    Nevertheless there is nice and funny to see. These are the 5 minute ones.

    Well, you might know this horse, but I invented the cowboy!

    I will probably need only half a year to fill my 600 pages sketchbook and am glad.

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    Even though you end up using quite a bit of pencil, the results are awesome. I wish you all the best and can't wait to see what else you share. :)


    Thank you very much, more to come!


    I mostly post the 11 minutes pics but here are some gestures as well.
    The giraffe would not fit on the tiny page, so I went on to the next :D
    Hope you enjoy!


    Some more. I actually already finished my years goal of filling the 600 pages sketchbook. Thanks mostly to this site here!

    Such a sweetie!

    Hands are so hard. Even though drawing from is working. Inventing hands out of my head is still too hard.

    This girl might not be too happy of me sketching her face ;)


    The drawings are amazing, and the variety of colours adds a nice touch. The giraffe, bull, and hamster are my favourites.

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