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    I was doing gesture drawings and I struggle with getting proportions right. I feel like I can either focus on gesture or proportions even if I give myself more time. I'm not sure what should I work on right now. I'd love to get some advice :D

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    Good morning, Noku, and welcome to Line of Action. How are you doing this morning? Greater works on your range of dynamic and expressive posing and expressions in the bodies. Keep going please. Please keep pushing yourself on your organic gesture drawing and sketching.

    I wouldn't worry about the proportions so soon, but otherwise, they look perfectly finer to me. Some of the gestures look too stiffer and rigid to my sensibilities. Would you kindly free up and make your lines of action, balance, and rhtythm more expressive with 1 hour of 1 minute gesture warm-up sketches? So that your proportions will be sketched out less stiffer and more bolder, audacious and freeer in your posing and statements. Please check out this link here. Good morning and may this little tip and trick brighten up your day.

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