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    Recently I've been thinking more and more on attenting an art college. The one that caught my eyes is The Animation Workshop VIA from Denmark , either Computer graphic arts or Character animation.
    I wanted to ask what do you think about it and if it's worth it.
    Also if you know how demandig is the school and what level do you need to be accepted.

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    I have no idea, but I cross-posted this to our Facebook page just in case that helped. :)


    hey there,

    i researched the school thoroughly myself because i was interested in applying as well. I'd say

    +very great school i read tons of good reviews about their innovative teaching methods

    + free tuition if ure from the EU

    - if you look at their 3rd year reels theyre not all that great for some reason

    -living in denmark is hella expensive

    regarding the skills:

    look up some accepted portfolios and compare but overall they have pretty high requirements

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