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    Hi there!

    I've been practicing for a week now and I think, I'm ready for a critique! If you want you can throw everything you've got on me as I'm willing to improve. To practice, I've used figure drawing practice one hour class mode. Thank you for your time in advance!

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    To be honest, while i can see how you must have improved, you still have mistakes pretty common amongst beggininers (simply because getting out of those is counter intuitive). I imagine that's not what you're working on, but I would practice working on my faces, just to be able to do a basic facial structure without taking too much time and having it look simplistic, but better. I've got nothing to compare it to, but seeing the thickness of the line I'm guessing you must draw sort of little. Dont be afraid to expand and make it bigger! Even if you think that bigger means more time, it often actually means more space for details and easier to actually draw. If the size isn't actually your problem then the thickness of your lines would mean you're probably using a tool that makes really big lines (like charcoal) this is a problem for about the same reason that it takes so much space you don't have any to add any details or work on the real structure of the body. Again basic, you should pay more attention to your hands and your feet even if drawing them is hell.
    I hope that helps :P Good luck!


    Thank you! I will make sure to work on those as much as I can. I will also start to draw on a bigger format as well :)


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