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    This is my second post here and I found the feedback very helpful! The previous thread highly suggested improving the gesture as my previous drawings were very still. By practising many 30secs gesture drawings and changing the way I hope my pencil (To help with flowing lines and my bad habit of Broken lines).

    I went to my class with a focus on gestures, hoping I could have your feedback on how to improve my gestures here. The female form was quite tricky as well. In class we were taught to find the clavicle, about one head down is the length of the sternum. Halfway through the sternum is where you would place the breasts that were helpful to find the right location for the breasts. However, I found it difficult to keep the drawings looking more feminine. Is there something I can do to make it obvious?

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    Hi Bryan.

    Looking better. Have a look at the small figure you drew inside the box where it says 18min. This little figure has more gesture and more relaxed line than any of the other drawings. Remember the feeling you had when you did that? Do the same as you did there but draw larger and keep it light and loose. Progress will come before you know it! Good luck.


    They usually start that way, that small drawing was supposed to be the thumbnail for the image below it, it was to help me visualise how to frame the drawing on the paper. However, I feel I have an issue drawing the forms with the gesture as the base. Will keep it as loose as possible, thanks Thestripper!

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