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    Hey everyone! I've recently decided to write my own stories, and illustrate them, but the problem is that i can not draw at all. So i figured, I'd try drawing people first, and after some research, i found that the best way to start drawing people is gesture drawing. After another research, I found this great site to practice figure drawing.

    My problem is that i'm learning on my own, so it's pretty hard to know if im doing things right or wrong. That's why i scanned two pages of my recent gesture drawings / 30 second poses/, because i honestly feel like I"m on the wrong track here... because I red the ' guide to gesture drawing" on this site, but with that method I always run out of time, and my figures look rather stiff. However, without that method, i always seem to draw the outline of the figure, which I red that is not really gesture drawing, so I"m feel kind of lost and confused.. Anyway, here are my attempts, and if you have some advices or critiques for me, I"d like to read them :) Thank you!

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    Hear me out, this is my first post on anything for this site, but I'm hoping to help! I've been told the goal of gestures are to capture as much of general pose as possible. And in some of your gestures I definitely understand the pose. However, what I find that you don't have is a basic line to work off of. What I mean by that is a line that can capture as much of the pose as possible but is simply one line. It could be the spine, or a "C" to get a general idea of how this pose is going to work.

    This is a 30 second gesture I did, but I darkened some of the lines and made a middle line red just for an example.

    And the "C" approach that I've seen on another forum

    I hope this helps even in the slightest of ways and that I'm not too late for a response! Wish you luck on illustrating your stories :)


    Hey! Thank you for the feedback! That was also my very first post on this site, and it's been 3 weeks since I wrote that, and so i thought my gesture drawing were so bad that no one would even bother replying :"D. Anyway, eversince then, I started using this C line, the line of action, an oval for the torso, and a circle for the pelvis for my gesture drawings, and they really are helpful when I"m doing a 30 minute trainer:) Thanks for the feedback again, and I also wish you luck with your work!:)


    Hi , there are a number of videos on youtube from Proko that will help you understand gesture drawing. For sure there are many approaches and this is one of them.
    I have found it especially informative and solved many of my questions as far as quick drawing and which things to have in mind in order to express correctly the gesture, and the rythyms within as well.
    Hope will help you too.
    Check out this link and channel


    This thread was so helpful to me. Thank you, all!

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