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    Hi everybody,

    I did practice in figure drawing lately but I haven't posted them awhile on the website.

    But I do want to share some of my gesture drawings and may I request a few critiques please?

    I did 30 minutes on hands and feet, and 30 minutes on the figure drawings.

    The charcoal ones are the 30 seconds and 1 minute ones, and pencil are 5 minutes and 10 minute ones.

    I would very much appreciate your critiques and thank you for you time :)

    Here is the link to some of the photos:

    Get more practice photos

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    Excellent job on your figures, hands, and feet, Eunlan, especially on your gestures and proportions!

    So, if I was to give you a completely honest suggestion: it would be to please go right into the lines of action with 34 minutes of 30-second poses? The reason why is because, as a result, your hands, feet and figures will have a more unprecedented range of movement, like you've never done before or since.

    Hope it's been completely and totally constructive.


    Hi Polyvios Animations,

    Thanks for the feedback, and I'll try to do the 30 second poses the next time I do gesture drawings :)

    I'll keep that in mind tomorrow when I do them.

    Thank you!


    Hi eunlan!

    You have a very expressive line and that is nice, but i feel like you are lacking in structure and understanding of volume

    i recommand you watching and trying to follow some videos about gesture drawing like


    or if you can spend money i highly recommand brent eviston's gesture drawing course on udemy, there are sales often and it's really cheap especially considering the quality of it.

    i also feel like your shading technique is a bit messy and i think you should learn what i said above first with no shading, i think learning structure first will make you understand crosshatching better, then you can add shading, i promise it'll be easier!

    i see a lot of potential in you, if you work on these just for one or 2 weeks your drawings will look amazing i'm sure you can do it :)

    have a nice day!

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    Hey Teberik,

    Thank you for the suggestions about volume and structure!

    I really appreciate it and I'll try to watch and try these when I practice.

    Once again, thank you for the critique and I'll try to draw more from here :)


    you are welcome! keep it up your drawings already look very nice

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