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    Basically, after a while of doing the classes traditionally I'd like to try and apply the same thing Digitally, would it be okay to post digital work to the critique board as well as traditional?

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    I am not anyone who can tell you to or not to do that, but I have uploaded digital things onto there in the past and no one complained (or even noticed I think) :)

    I think trying different mediums for it is awesome, I cant imagine that any one would insist on only traditional!

    Are you drawing with a graphics tablet :)?


    The tool doenst matter i think. What counts is what u see and draw?


    Right now I'm working with digital using ArtRage on an iPad Mini 2 with Jot Touch Pro stylus and Sensu brush stylus. At some point (i.e., when I get my courage up) I'll move back to using pencil and paper as well.


    Just confirming as a moderator that it's absolutely okay to post either traditional, digital or even a mix of the two mediums on the forums! :) Heck, even something you drew on a napkin totally counts. So please feel free to share!

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