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    Hello! After practicing with the 30 minute classes for a few months, I recently read the Gesture Tips #1, 2, and 3 and revised the way I have been approaching the figure drawings. I feel that these techniques do help me improve the proportions, but I noticed that with the longer times (1 min, 5 minutes, 10 minutes), I would find myself overlapping several lines. Is this normal? Any comments or suggestions? Thank you!

    My goal is to improve my ability to draw people with the correct proportions, with the hope of being able to draw cartoons.

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    Link for 10/14/17 Drawings

    Link for 10/15/17 Drawings


    Hi Lisa!

    I'm glad our article have helped you with your gestures. :) I took a look at them and you definitely have the basics down. It might be worth noting a few things.

    First, try to incorporate more curves. A lot of your sketches look a bit blocky, which actually hinders the flow of a gesture. Is there anything on your body that is square or overly straight? The shapes can help you get a base down, but ideally you'd accomplish a gesture in a few, curved strokes.

    Swen is one of our members on the forums who has gestures down to the T. Why not head over and take a look at this gestures? He includes useful notes that can help you out. :)

    If you look between your gesture and Swen's, you'll probably see what I mean with incorporating more curves. Don't be afraid to draw an arm with a single curved line. The focus is proportion and motion. It's okay to draw over your lines a few times when you do this!


    Hi Sanne,

    Your suggestions were very helpful! I definitely tried to incorporate more curves into my drawings. I struggled a little trying to find my flow with the curves, but got more used to it during my second session. Having more time definitely helps me improve on proportions (i.e. the 30 min vs the 15 minute pencil drawing from 10/21).

    10/17/17 30 minute session

    10/21/17 1 hour session

    Swen's drawings were very beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing his page!


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