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    This month I tried to improve my proportions and skills to draw heads and shadows... should I continue that?

    This is a small selection of a lot more drawings...

    Thanks for feedback on the question or on individual pieces.

    All the best your daily ration of pasta

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    Good morning, Pastabrother, nicest job on your range of flow, fluidity, and constructions and tones of your heads and figures. I think you're getting to be on the rightest of tracks, but I feel that the animals, figures, and faces and expressions are not getting enough of that simplest and most cartoon-like quality in your angles and proportions of them. Would you care to please go ahead with 1 hour, 55 minutes of 5 minute poses of figures, faces, expresssions, animals and more cartoons? Thank you.

    The reason why is because, your edges, spaces, and relationships can and will become the most wildest, loosest, and liveliest in drawn appeal and fun to look at. So for most details and tricks and tips, kindle examine look into the Ivan Brunetti book on Cartooning on Amazon here.

    I hope you can and will find this completely and totally practical and useful.


    You got such a strange style. 90% of each drawing is really, really good, but then 10% is somehow off, and because the other parts are so good it sticks out like a sore thumb and pulls down the overall impression.

    I think you would really do yourself a favor getting used to some underlying construction for the human figure, And I don't mean "anatomy", like in getting to know each bone and muscle in the human body by latin name, postcode and tax number, but more "landmarks", like in which proportions you absolutely have to measure correctly to make the end result look good, and which ones you can (and occassionally even should) play around with to your delight without anybody noticing.

    Like your Freddy Mercury, so much of it looks really good, but that just aint how a human shoulder works.

    Also on Freddy, I love the way you scaled down the digital blending enough to leave some structure to the shadows, and then accentuated it with a few drawn lines over it, that is a really cool style to render an image. It has a bit of an old school early digitalisation MTV vibe, but it looks very deliberate, and perfectly fits the timeline of Queen at their heydays, which makes it even better. But then the placement of the features of the face show your struggle with the underlying foundation, which makes it look like you slightly changed your point of view on different areas of the face.

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    It helped me realise that In my fix idea to let the images flow from my head directly to the paper or screen I limit myself.

    I realise I am nearly there ... but it would be wise and It would be helpfull for me to continue and welcome more structure in my drawings until I dont need them anymore. I dont have to resist this tools.

    All the best



    I mean, your idea of images flowing from your head definitely has a lot going for it: You have fun drawing those images, and it translates well, and makes it fun to look at your results.

    With the tools: You are already using digital tools, which are basically just other people's ideas, just interpreted by a machine. And you are obviously having fun using them, like they were NOT intended. It's the same with most of the art theory stuff you learn in courses. Doing the course isn't someone telling you how to draw, it is just introducing you to some additional ideas, downloading some code for a new and exciting toy. And then it is up to you to either stick with it, be all boring and prissy and try to channel the person, who introduced you to it, or to run amock with it and figure out a bunch of interesting ways to break it.

    I think I have a hunch to what will be your priorities.


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