Should I let my brain process new informations by taking a long break?

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    I know that i sound like someone that wants to find exuses to not work, but i am doing these sort of lessons kinda regurarely but at the end of it the only change i got is to not even think about what i am even drawing and not in a really inspired way, i mean i got completely detached from drawing and became emotionally numb throughout the entire process, now every single time i begin a session i just want to get over it in the most approssimative way possible.

    I do not understand if simply doing it over and over like this can actually teach me anything, unless someone can just tell me again that even in this case i should do these tasks again and that it is all normal.

    thanks for reading this.

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    the issue might be that you start the lessons without a goal. Think on what you are bad at and focus on that during the lessons. You could focus on capturing the anatomie of the arm and skip the rest of the body. Or focus on getting the whole pose gesture without focusing on the exact anatomy. you could also focus on capturing light and shadows without focusing on the overall gesture and pose. If you want to improve you need to start the lessons with a specific goal that you would want to improve on. If what you want to improve on is getting the structure of the body pose right with boxes for example, then stop the image...and take a lot of time getting the boxes and perspective right. On the other hand if you want to capture the whole pose as quick as possible...then doing 30 seconds sketches without worrying about the quality of the drawing. If on the other hand your line quality is the issue...focus on getting the lines and angles right even if you need to take time and stop the video. Depending on your goal...change the lessons to suit that goal and focus on one thing at a time. doing mutiple things at onces is the best way to not doing anything productive at all.

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