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    I'm using marc brunet's studies from the video "How to practice drawing anatomy (noob to pro)"
    and it recommends using simpler shapes, but it's kind of harder for me to see and understand the anatomy/proportions if i try simplershapes.
    should i force my self through it?
    or it's ok using more complex shapes?
    (i accept other types of critique too)

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    apparently the image isnt showing, imgur link here:


    hi I just saw the video.

    I think what he means on level one is getting familiar with communicating mass (the body) on a flat surface (the paper). when you can communicate mas convincingly you move up a step. I also hear him mention that the meathod he is teaching is to save time. the simpler shapes take less time to draw. I also see him simplefying musslegroups, this gives him guidelines and information without overcomplicating it.

    In conclution I think you should try to take yourself throught the steps, starting at nr 1. You don't have to chance your style, just try his method. When you nail level 1 move up to the next one. I think the exercise is great for annyone regardless of skill and style. You don't have to force the metod into your normal rutine but it might bring helpfull experience.

    hope this helps you.

    ps. if you add a photo of your progress it will help others to critique.


    I think you can incoporate both for example you can do a very very basic shape like a square for the general size of things then a bit more complex shape inside that square could be useful :)


    Nice work on your Lv. 1 study, indeed. I love how much you've used blocky forms to make the pelvis and ribcage perfectly read.

    However, I've got one little idea: I am getting a little bit too much rigidity in the blocky spaces. Why don't you make these forms positively organic and natural in your next warm-ups, though 34 minutes of 30 second quick drawings, from Marc Brunet's video as reference. (2040/30=68 loose and scribbly sketches for anatomy)

    The reason why is because, you'd be able to make your form drawings less undertured and more cartoony in your next round. I have don't have lots of time to tell you what underture is, but here is this link to help you get the big picture.

    So, good luck, and cheers to your next studes.

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