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    Here's a thing I found interesting and that I'd like your thoughts on. I'm (still) trying to get my gestures more fliud and dynamic, and I realised I'm working with my wrist not my shoulder. So I stood up to draw instead of sitting down. It seems to me to have had quite an impact.

    These two images are showing the same poses drawn sitting (top row), and standing (bottom row). The bottom ones look much more flowing to me. Do you agree?

    And these are longer 15 minute drawings, the first two sitting down and the second two standing up. Again, the first ones ones seem stiffer than the pair I did standing up and using my shoulder.

    I've been doing lots of Proko Robobean practice over the last week or so, and thinking much more about perspective and proportion. Hopefully some of that is coming through too!

    Anyway - I feel like standing up has given me a bit of a leap forward. Be interested to hear what you all think!


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    I may not be the right person to give out critique, but if you watch proko's video on gesture he says you shouldn't always focus on the contour, but the way the drawing feels to you. Your drawings look a bit too stiff, maybe loosen up a bit.

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    Yeah it defintitely looks a bit more fluid, just keep practicing accuracy and try using your shoulder a bit more while sitting.

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    The bottoms ones do look more fluid, but it might also have something to do with how warmed up you were as well. I noticed your proportion markings in the first set of full bodies, so you seem to have concentrated harder on the actual porportions. The line weight kind of suggests this too, in both the full and the frame drawings. Maybe, to better judge and maybe see how comfortable you are with it, do a full practice session standing, then do another different full practice session the next day sitting?


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