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    Hey, I'd like to get advice on this new art style I tried, and I want to know honest opinions and what I should fix or should've done better. Thanks!

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    it looks nice tho id say practise on anathomy more and match the similar taste in whole build for me seems head done in more realistic while rest stilised


    Thank you so much, I will definitely work more on the anatomy, especially hands, when reviewing it once more. I really appreciate your critique.


    Hi feathersandcoins!

    I adore the expression in this drawing, you did good on it!

    If you don't mind me asking, did you base this style on cartoons or did you go for a more realism effect?

    The idea behind drawing more detailed cartoon styles is usually that you have some grasp of basic realistic anatomy that you can then reform into something less realistic (ergo cartoons). I made the mistake of jumping straight into Japanese animation style, rather than learning how a real face looks from the start, and it made my progress more difficult later on. Like Akiresa said, focusing on anatomy is important, but more important is to focus on realistic anatomy. If you refer to the gesture studies in our tools, they are great at helping you understand how a real face, body and hands are constructed and look in different positions and angles.

    A very important lesson: "Draw what you see, not what you think you see." We often draw things the way we think we see them, rather than how they really are. That's why it can be really difficult to draw things properly. A popular trick I've seen tells you to take a reference image (like the image of a horse), then flip it upside down. Now draw the upside down horse! You're forced to draw the lines as you see them, because you don't know how to draw an upside down horse. Maybe that can help you?

    Either way, I think you did a great job at the image, and I hope you'll have fun practicing more!


    I tried basing this off of a more realistic effect, but I probably didn't achieve what I had hoped to, since it was my first try. Thank you so much for giving me this great advice and suggestions, you really are so kind for lending me this help. Yeah, that could help, I really like that trick, ahaha, that's smart! I will definitely try my best, and I send my best regards to you as wel!! Good luck!


    Also, where might you find the free resources? I tried clicking on the side of this page, but those weren't free and I don't have an Amazon account.


    Ah, sorry!

    This website has a bunch of free tools with reference photographs that you can study from (think of it like having a model in art class whom you draw/paint on your canvas). You can find the links to these tools on the Home page.

    We have some articles that help you with basic gesture drawings that you can use as a foundation to build from. Here are the articles on our site:

    Hope that helps! :)


    Thank you so much, I'll make sure to use them!! You've been such an amazing help, really, I really appreciate it!!!


    No problem! I'm looking forward to seeing your practice pieces in the future. :)


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