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    Hello all.
    I've been trying to pick up where I left off 2 months before (I had a minor artblock, haha), and well, a few thinks have changed.

    One of which mainly startles me:
    "Free-form foundation building".

    I don't know what it's exactly called, so forgive me if I seem to be making no sense..

    Um, by the free-form thing, I mean that instead of using basic figures to help build up my human bodies, I sorta... squiggle them out..

    Is that okay?

    Now that I think of it, I seem to be contour drawing..
    Or something.

    Either way, it's freaking me out now because I can't seem to sketch any other way.

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    Stop making squiggles then. And contours! :) Start sketching by using shapes and forms!


    Hi Bovetta!

    I'm not 100% what you mean. Do you have any examples of what you're doing to show us, and tell us what you're trying to improve about it? It's really hard to give good advice without examples, as they determine the kind of tips we can give. :)

    Frawnix's video is very helpful though! Hope to hear back from you with some of your drawings. ;)

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