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    I'm not a complete beginner, but I'm still not very comfortable drawing human figures, especially more difficult poses and with clothing.

    Would love to get some critique from you, that would help me a lot in my further studies.

    I mostly draw in a cartoony style, so they might look a bit stylized, hope that's ok.

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    Looks really good to me ! And really inspiring. I like the movement of the clothes. I wish I could give you more useful critics


    Hi LadyClover,

    I love your illustrative style.

    Have you ever tried to see objects as abstract forms and shapes? A good exercise is to practise with your reference photo upside down (and then also draw that way). It makes you draw what you see and not what you think you see.

    I also think a lot of practice would improve your drawing skills. It's very important to draw from life or photos but it doesn't have to be boring. Maybe you can experiment with different mediums, draw in different places and make drawing / painting your happy and safe place.


    LadyClover, I must say that your cartoonier sketches have a very, very appealing, illustrative style that wouldn't look out of place in a Mary Blair illustration. I must absolutely admire your whimsical humor and vitality in your poses and attitudes and expressions.

    My tiny suggestion to you is that though your lines are getting to be the loosest you could and should, but I'm not getting enough of the energy and the funniest drawing in the lines of action, and lines of rhythm. Would you please work more loose and faster with 5 minutes of 30 second poses, and 5 more minutes of faces and expressions?? (10 figure drawings and 10 expressions)

    The reason why you could and would is because, your poses and facial expressions will become the most loosest, freest and expressive-est as you possibly can and will. For even more information, please check out some Lynne Naylor artwork online though Google or DuckDuckGo. Enjoy downloading these images.

    Hope these have been totally and positively helpful and inspirational.


    wow... not a level of art I can criticize. Within the given style, I'm not sure how one can better express motion and gesture. Images already look dynamic and full of life.


    Most of your drawings look just fine, and it took me a while to find something to substantially critique. There is occassionally a proportion or length slightly off, but those are the minor mistakes that just happen, when drawing quickly. They don't seem systematical, and will reduce over time with more experience.

    Finding the weakest part of your drawings, my eyes were drawn towards joints. You depict limbs mostly by indicating the outline curvature of the muscles, and the joints are just the recessions, where those curves happen to meet. If you drew a central axis through your limbs, those "meeting points" of the curve in your draft would often be symmetrical to either side. That's a bit of a trap, which can lead to snowman syndrome, making the limbs seem to be assembled out of elongated globes, that are just touching each other, instead of having a real connection.

    In actual joints, the end points of the sinews are pretty much always offset towards each other, the joint itself is an expansion of the bone, a physical object, not just the location, where the curvatures of the muscles meet. To represent that, you should observe, how those muscle curvatures don't meet exactly symmetrical in regards to the middle axis of the limb. Try to see the joints more like s-shaped objects on that axis, which still need some place of their own between the recession points, that separate the meeting points of the curves on either side of the axis.

    Although this explanation was somewhat lengthy, the actual change I mean won't be that much, but executing it properly will demonstrate your conscious decision on these details and thus strengthen the overall impression.

    As a more meta critique, you are at a point, where giving advice to others might be more educational to you, than asking for advice. A lot of your practical artistic decisions are very convincing, looking at other people's stuff and finding the exact spots, where you would have personally made different decisions, will help you raise your practical decisions to a conscious level, thus steadying and improving your own style.

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