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    Hello, i have been "doing" (in quotes because i did very little every day) art for 3 months now. What can i work on and are the times that i am doing good or should i do shorter/longer sketches? Thank you!

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    Good evening, Evils, and welcome aboard. Congratulations on your very first topic posted. And as for your first-ever Imgur drawings, greatest and beautifully greatest job on your very first attempts at gesture drawing or sketching, in terms of drawing movements and silhouettes and spaces. Please do keep up the perfectly greatest works!

    Yet, when it comes to the nitpicking, .......well, here goes nothing: First, those lines are the itchiest, hairiest, and scratchiest I've ever seen. Second of all, your broadest poses don't seem fearless enough to me. Would you like to be all fearless, fiercest, and all ruthless with your lines in movement with your dominant/non-dominant hands with 10 minutes of 1 minute sketches with either hand/elbow/shoulder?

    And as for this, do you know Why? Because if your current goal is to get your drawings and thinkings to be the all-unrigidest, and the most spontaneous, liveliest, and alive, then bring it on! I feel that it's gonna be easy: it's thru squash-and-stretch. For furthest details, be sure to look into the Bridgman figure drawing book, Action! by Ben Caldwell, and 2 PDFs of the Walt Stanchfield books on

    Good luck to you, and whatever you do, please do take these tips and tricks with the smallest grain of salt. Have a nicest evening.

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    Do you mean being more uncareful with my lines? So not small lines but big swoopy ones? I hope my describtion is understandable, Thank you very much for your Tips. They are going to help out a ton!


    I see you're giving emphasis to the first arc line (the back spine) when drawing. That's good.

    I'd say you should both use shorter and longer times, but, initially and gradually, focus on drawing with less and less time, always paying attention to the gesture the being is on. It's like a quick glance to remember the movement or action.

    When you start feeling you got the idea of the gesture, start practicing together with drawings of isolated elements (like head, hands, feet, etc... = anatomy) and its different perspectives.

    I know it s*cks, but for me personally, i used to hate drawing hands, but now i love doing them, since a person can hold, grab and use an inumerable amount of things.

    Kudos, friend :3

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