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    Hi, I have been practising some more anatomy and distillation studies and did these, I am still struggling with hands and faces but overall feel a lot more confident.

    Any advice is highly appreciated.

    Thanks :)

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    Not an expert on distillation studies but I believe one of the main points of distillation study is to unite smaller, singular shapes into bigger shapes and make said shapes appealing (shape design). While there are a lot of such united groups in your studies (Great job on those btw!) I think there are also a lot of those wild, separated small shapes that really kind of ruin the point a bit. I think it's best to sacrifice shapes like that in sake of better overall design, you can add those in later stages when the shading applies softly or at any point later really. If you absolutely have to include such separated shap during distillation phase, then I believe it's best to work on its' design (for instance, if it is a shadow shape on an arm - a generally cylindrical body part - then it should convey that information as well).

    Hope this helps, good luck!


    Greatest use of anatomically muscular definition and definition of tones I've ever seen. Way to go. Keep going!

    I totally, completely feel that they could use a bit more soft but hardest-edged satire in the gestures of those things. Would you please kindly free up your arm and shoulder with 1 hour of 30 second gesture muscle and tone study warm-ups? Because, your statements will be sketched out in the most powerful way. (In most ways than one) Look up some Proko videos and more. Have the nicest morning ever.



    I really like your pieces, and your grasp on form is really solid. Keep it up!

    However I think you could really benefit from adding a midtone to your color palette; this way, you can portray more nuances in your drawing, as well as expand shading on clothing too. Have a great day!


    They've mentioned they're studying distillation. It's done purposefully to limit yourself to just two colors


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