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    You might want to post your drawings elsewhere like google drive or imgurr and link it from there. I don't have a love life drawing account and I cannot access it :)


    Whymaple, thanks for the great job on your observational gestures and forces.

    Nice work, but I've got one honest critique, I love the forms and anatomy, but I really want to see more cartoony shapes, like Emery Hawkins, which you will now see:

    And while you're at it, why don't you please find a way to download this video for your current studies, right away;go to any video downloading site, or get a video downloader for your computer, and download this video into your hard drive, then play it on Quicktime, or any frame-by-frame player; go frame by frame with each force sketch, by going thru 11 minutes of 30 second poses?? (660 seconds/30 second=22 quick sketches of the poses)

    The reason why you could do this is because, if your custom goal is to get more appealing squash and stretch into your animations, plus getting more organic cartooniness, then so be it.

    So, good luck to you, and happy sketching!

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. I just joined LoveLifeDrawing

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