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    Here are some poses from me. These are 5 min resp 10 min poses drawn at the end of 30 min classes. I am atm not 100% sure where I want to go with my drawings, I know I want to do more, but,... atm I am very much in love with black ink and pentel brushes. Extremely versatile, allow a lot of control... which in turn means that they also make any lack of control painfully visible.

    In the end I would love to

    #1 be able to draw quick and precise, without botching proportions... a few thousand more drawings should help..:)

    #2 find a good way to indicate volume and mass with a brush... maybe a combination of line weight and some form of hatching?

    #3 develop the discipline and courage to tackle bigger projects.

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    Good job on all of your pages, AuntHerbert. Atta-girl! Way to go!

    Say, if you could suggest you to your own mini-goals, then it would be that the lying pose in drop-dead phenominal, it has one issue, the line-weights are a teensy-weensy bit too rigid. (the weights of them are consistently bold and dimensional) Would you please work with your elbow while you work with your brush, ink, and brush pen? With 2 hours of 30 second quick bodies, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, and/or grayscale?? And while you're at it, check out this image below:

    But, wait. There's more!!! Check out this link here, for your M. Busch sketches and final illustrations for you to bookmark, reading list, and download images from. But that's not all, download those images too, for you to grayscale, flip, and/or rotate for your drawing exercises.

    The reason why is because, piggybacking to your 3rd objective: In order to be more disciplined with that, would you please time yourself with the Timer+ app, or the Timer section of your Clock app on your iPhone or iPad Pro, or iPod Touch? Because, it could help you do a lot of bad drawings, and bad scribbles with no pressure, even if you're gonna tear holes into your papers. I hope you've found these advices totally and absolutely useful.


    Hey there, your figures are really nice, if you want to have some quick feedback from a bunch of ppl you may join

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