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    Hi, today I found this website and it's so helpful that I'm really hyped up and want to give it a try right away.

    Please give critiques on these sketches if you don't mind. Thank you.

    The sketches link:

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    Are there several sketches? I only found one drawing of a female nude, right hand on the hip, looking over her right shoulder.

    Proportions, pose, anatomy are all pretty much spot on, very good, very convincing. The lines on the other hand seem insecure and scratchy. You don't trust your stroke yet, so you scribble before settling on a final line.

    If you want to put some more work into this drawing, using an eraser to clean up the paper would go a long way. Or maybe put a transparent paper on top and redraw the final lines, that you settled on, with a fineliner or ink brush.

    On the other hand, it is a nice image as it is, but you should aim towards getting more confident with your lines in future. One clear line, even if it is slightly off compared to the motive, usually looks better than a bundle of attempts that has one perfect match somewhere in between.

    Quick sketches can help building that confidence. It's not a magic trick, you just get used to producing a lot of sketches and accepting that a lot of them won't be perfect. You get used to throwing away stuff anyway, so you lose the pressure of matching every line 100% with the motive, and after doing that for some time you will discover that fewer and fewer of your drawings are all that bad, and you learn to trust your first instincts more.

    Less than a minute per sketch is a bit taxing at first, but in contrast 2 minutes or 3 minutes will suddenly feel like a lot of time.

    Most important: you are on a good way. Enjoy drawing, and enjoy your day!


    Kybao, great work on your display of promise and potential of those nudes here. Well, if I could suggest a critique, it would be that some of the lines are a bit too itchy-scratchy to my tastes. Would you suggest yourself an interactive drawing tutorial here on this website? Here's a link:Tutorial

    The reason why you could do this is because, the first one would and could be able to help and allow you to draw stronger C-curves for your lines of action, especially your 5-30 second quick studies.

    Take care, and get healthy and safe.


    The link wasn't the right one, I just edited the post. Yes there are more than one sketch 😭 thank you for noticing that.

    I used to use eraser on quick figure sketch but it slowed me down and I felt dependent on it.


    You are right, using an eraser wouldn't be a good idea for the purpose of quick sketching. Instead you should shake the habit of overcorrecting every line. One stroke, and its done, and if the stroke is off, there will be a new chance in your next drawing a minute later.

    If you feel like you have generally shaky hands or problems placing a line as intended, I can recommend The site focuses more on drawing in perspective, so a bit of a different approach, but a) they do that very well and are generally a good source and b) their first lesson or two emphasize line quality a lot and introduce a variety of good warm-ups to practice your lines. Even if you don't finish the entire course, these first lessons might help you advance very rapidly.


    The proportions looks great on most of these. Great work! Would love to see some more finished figure drawings next to see how these translate over.


    Your figures are excellent in proportions and accuracy! However, I would say that some line work could be improved, some figures look a bit stiff but I think you can improve by trying to hold your pencil differently since I think you might be holding your pencil just like how you write. @the 5:20 mark

    also try to draw using a single stroke in some of the gestures, instead of zigzagging some lines, I notice that my figures look a lot dynamic when I do that, and if you make a mistake just go over it with the same single stroke. Hope this helps, keep up the excellent work!

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