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    As the title says it's been almost a year since i stopped drawing. I feel super rusty now, i tried to draw some gestures to begin.

    I accept any advice and criticism.

    I am very sorry for the low quality of the images, in the next posts i will try to do better pictures.

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    It's so hard to get back after a long down time. Believe me I know.

    I don't have any constructive criticism your gestures are great. Low resolution makes it hard to see. However your gesture drawings look like they belong in a how to book. They are spot on work.


    Well, well, well, Arko, I must admit that those are very lighter touches to all of any and every pose you've put out on Google Drive file. That's a very sweller job on your looser and lightest line art.

    If I would and should be able to nitpick each and every image there, it could be that, as lively and animated those gestures of the poses, but I really need to see even more of the strongest lines of action and rhythm in them. Would you please work the most boldest and most free-est with these lines, with 5 minutes of 30 second pose warm-ups, using the images from this link here, if you could bookmark, add to reading list, next, to download onto your hard drive?: Don Martin Lines of Rhythm

    FYI: Don Martin was probably one of the funniest cartoonists that USA's Mad Magazine ever had. He was insanely gifted in his funniest drawings, the greatest clarity of posing and staging.

    The reason why you could and should do this idea of improvement is as a result, your lines of action and rhythm not only longest and largest, but the most cartooniest as possible.

    I also want you to keep that in mind that you really need to be positive about your body poses being a bunch of distorted scribbles, however, you'd be able to turn out a bunch of loosest and most expressive with an illuminating freedom of motion and emotion.

    Good luck, keep up the good work, and I hope you've found these completely and totally useful and beneficial to you.


    P.S. some of the images are in great resolution, while a few others, they're pretty crummy, so, take what you will.

    Polyvios Animations


    Thank you so much for the advice, I will definitely check it out


    Thanks, you're very kind!


    Your line work looks very precise and intentional. I find it very inspiring how you simplified the forms, and will try to aim for it in my drawings today.


    Amazing work you have here. The gestures all communicate the poses they source very clearly, so much so that I can imagine a photograph.

    If I am to give any critique at all, I would say that the lines here do feel just slightly stiff. I'm not feeling as much of a rhythm connecting one part of the body to the next as I'd like to, but I am certainly feeling one. I feel as though slightly looser strokes would benefit these pieces.

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