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    I am aware, that the owners of this site do not so much shoot their own photographies, so this isn't as much a suggestion to them, but to photo artists maybe looking for inspiration on what images this site could profit from.

    And that is really the portrait library. There seem to be a lot less portraits than poses available. And furthermore, all the portraits have a lot in common. There is the one fact, that almost all portraits stem from the same 7 or 8 models, which is unfortunate, but maybe can't be changed. But on top of that, about 95% of all the portraits are shot in a very similar manner. Shoulders are almost exclusively relaxed and parallel to the camera. The lighting is pretty much universally soft room lighting from above and to one of the sides, background is always neutral.

    When you are already in the business of shooting images of poses, could you just occassionally zoom in on the heads and shoot a set of "portraits" in the same go? Fullbody acting and posing really has a stark effect on the facial expression.

    Or just be more inventive with the lighting situations? Stark direct lighting, natural lighting, atmospheric lighting, backlit portraits, there are so many possibilities to experiment with and to explore the planes of the human face.

    In hope of having given someone a few ideas


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