some recent figures and a page of hands. would love some critique

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    been working on constructing hands for the past 2-3 weeks so any advice/comments are greatly appreciated. also working on identifying landmarks on the human body.

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    I think your hands are spot-on for the style you are using. They match the sweep of the other limbs. I especially like the way the ring finger on her right hand is sort of hyperextended. The way her hands emerge from those cuffs is very cool.

    Suggestion: look at photos of actors in Indonesia--Bali and Java. Google images of the Ramayana, for example. Hand and foot gestures--and eye movements--are all significant in that art form. For the opposite, look at old Japanese woodcuts. If you want to stay in the realm of Western stylishness, look at the drawings of Leydecker (spelling?), the early 20th century commercial artist.



    Welp, eteng, I really gotta say that you're really showing yourself on the right track and setting up for success. The two great things that I like about your drawings so much is how much elegance and charm in your figures and your character design doodle. I am SO in love with your gesturalness and anatomical realism in your hand drawings. Great job at all of these three genres of drawing.

    So, to say that you're practically new at your drawings of figure drawings, I'd say that some of the figure drawing landmarks, specifically the legs and butts are very fluid and solid, and subtly lively, yet I'm not getting enough of the boldness, the power, and the audacity in the sketches. Would you please free up your hands with an in-website online drawing tutorial here?

    The reason why you should do this tutorial is because, your forms and forces will become the least rigidiy and the most expressiveness in the line weights, gestures and fluidity, and energy.

    Good luck to you and your journey, and happy scribbling.


    Looking good.

    For the full figure, I recomend placing the collar bone on your figures next, they seem to be missing a bit of that structure that helps define the upper rib cage so well.

    Your attachment points for the arm on the front of the body look great. However I recommend studying the angle of the curves and muscles near the armpits on the back views a bit more, specifically the Teres major and the posterior parts of the deltoid.

    Hands are looking good, I rather enjoy the way that you are drawing them. Perhaps paying a bit more attention to the outter plane of the hand on the pinkey side, there are several of your sketches where it seems like there is an extra plane defined on that part of the hand that seems excessive. The two on the bottom left, and one on the top right. But again that is a very minor critique, the structures look very sound.

    Well done and keep at it!


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