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    I think I've nailed my rendering for now lol, definitely need to work on quicker gestures though.

    Does anyone have any tips for heads in figure drawing? I know it's not quite the focal point but I feel like I struggle to try to find where exactly they go.

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    Oh WOW, I love your sketches, keep practicing you're doing great!


    Wow! What a way to get a lot of excellence in these quickest sketches and most refined pieces, Maggiesies, way to go and keep them all up! However, in your rendered poses, I have noticed that some of the rendered poses didn't seem to push the gestures enough, and the quick sketches look mostly lively, but I'm not seeing enough of the loosest and longest lines. Would you like to go for 1 hour 30 minutes of 1 minute poses, as you go for pushing your sparks of life in these sketches. The reason is that so you can free up your style and personality. Please keep yourself up and we're all counting on you!


    You're both very kind!

    I definitely agree that the quicker sketches are a bit subpar, mostly I feel that's more of my lack of experience when it comes to structured practice (I'm self-taught, but I rarely practice like I should XD ) and I am strongly considering doing a lot more quick gestures, like 90 minutes of 1-minute poses, to get over that hump and hopefully enhance the gestures of more lengthy sketches like the renders.

    Thank you for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated C:

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