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    Well, this is a gift for a friend and I don't know how to feel about how I've tried to construct this.

    Any ideas on how I could help this pose? Or any thoughts really.

    She is a Panther, by the way. I need to define the neck there because of the recently added hair.

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    I think the face might be leaning to the right, try looking at it with a mirror to see.


    Are you working on a software? If so you might want to take advantage of using different layers.

    By beginning on one to construct your character with rough lines, maybe one more to add clothes and stuff like hairs.

    When you are done and your character feels right, create another layer on wich you can begin refining it like if you were iking on top of a crayon work.

    Now to improve the way you draw :

    At first i don't know if you considered this picture a finished one in the first place, but, the difference of stroke between the body, the hairs and the clothes just don't seems fine to me, it's the reason i advised you to use different layers at first, or maybe just make a rough sketch on paper and scan it before "inking"

    After that, try to think about the things that make a female body look like a female body .
    It's not just a story of boobs or just face.
    The best way to find out is just to compare with models, both male and female.
    Find out the differences of proportions, it can be subtle sometime, here for example the "overall" proportions seems fine, but when looking more precisely i can see that some parts are not so obvious to you, like the hips, the transition between legs and crotch, the clavicle, how breasts really are made and where are they attached etc...

    I recommend you to go take a look here :

    I also feel you are not very comfortable with hands, and that's the reason you are hiding it behind the body, of course you can do that, but remember that you won't level up if you do not try ^^.
    Believe me, i was doing the same mistake at first, hiding things i was not capable to do right, but at the end, when i looked at my old drawings, i couldn't tell how i used to draw hands in the first place, cause i was just avoiding drawing them.

    And remember that using references is not a crime ^^.

    Hope it helps!



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