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    Hi Dear Friends, I am new to Fine Art I want a advice should I use less time like 30 to 60 Second for gesture drawing or 4 to 6 minutes as I am beginner without any previous art class experience. I Just start learning at my own. In the 30 to 60 second I hardly able to draw only few lines Is it ok or I need to draw at least little complete drawing of gesture. Advice me so I can adjust max time for my gesture drawing practice

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    Start at 8- 10 depending on the complexity you're aiming for and work your way down. The 60 second and under time allotments are for the simplest of drawings. Gesture drawings don't need to be very complex, just a shape made out of lines without very much detail will suffice.


    Thanks Dear for your advice I will start drawing Gesture Drawing and make practice. I believe that the site "Line-on-Action" is quite helpful beginner Arts.

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