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    To help mysef get a better understanding of form and anatomy, I'm delving more into structure practice. I would love to hear some critiques to see where I missed some parts.

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    Hello and good evening, J-dawg, I'm Polyvios. How are you? Fine, and you? Greatest work on your forms, forces, and anatomies you've got going so far at this time. I've got one smallest and miniscule criticism. I love how much flow in the bones and muscles of your anatomy, but they seem or look a bit too stiffest, too mechanical, and too mathematical and not enough organicness. Would you kindly loosen up both your hands, if we haven't already with your very first 1 hour figure drawing class now. If in doubt, Here's this link right 'cheer.

    As a result, your forms, proportions, gestures and anatomy will be able to be the least stiffest and tremendously spontaenous, dynamic, energetic, fluid, vital, and lively. For further details, please pick up and check out a copy of the Michael Hampton book for the gesture drawing practice and the Frank Netter Anatomy book for quick sketch practice. Cheers, my hat's off to you, and greatest luck.

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