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    I'm stuck with my art, lately. I need help knowing what to improve!
    I just did this an hour ago. Any suggestions?

    This one is a bit older, but I still look back on it. I know the line width is unstable. I'm new to using brush pens, an this was a test. Now I use .005 ml pens for my lines

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    Try drawing different angles, profile, under, from above etc. You could also try going lower from the shoulders, chest, arms, eventually hips. Experiment. You are already doing very good. Just keep practicing. Take a break from art if you need to and come back later. Just keep at it.


    How did u post that with a picture? I can’t figure it out.


    Whenever I'm stuck in a rut, I do one of two things. I either wait and take a break from art for a while (to recharge) or I try to explore as many mediums/poses/colors/etc. as I can! Oftentimes I get in a rut by doing the same things over and over again so I find it best to try learning when I'm in a rut. (Which is why I'm on this site in the first place!) It's also good to remind yourself that art is a never ending journey. No one ever gets to the point where they're completely satisfied with their art. At least not to my knowledge anyway. Every artist I've met is constantly wanting and working to improve, so just give yourself time. You'll progress, I promise. You're doing great already! ^^ Just keep going.


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