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    When I try and submit photos to my gallery I can "browse" on my computer and add the file. I can type in a description etc. . . .
    However there is no "post" or "submit" or "finished" button. I can see no way to actually post the photo I am attempting to submit. Other than the use of the URL in the text box.

    am I missing something or this is a bug?

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    Hi Hornet!

    When you click "Browser", click on and image and then click "Open", or you drag and drop an image onto the page, the Upload button should appear below the textbox. It doesn't show until an image is selected.

    I just tested it, and it appears fine for me.

    If you're selecting and opening an image to upload, can you confirm that it shows that the image is ready to go and the Upload button is missing?

    If you see the image but not the Upload button, try disabling all your browser plugins and see if the button appears. If it does, enable each plugin one by one and test until you find out which one's messing it up.

    If none of this works, can you please let us know what browser, device, browser version and so forth you're using so we can help troubleshoot this?


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    (Deleting first half of my post because Sanne beat me to it!)

    I do want to echo the request to know what browser and device we're dealing with here though. I've heard this report before, but so far have been unable to get any details about the circumstances under which it occurs. I would so love more info. :)


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    Just following up, Hornet! Has the issue resolved? Still the same?


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    Since it's been a week with no updates, I'm going to close this topic for now. If you still need help, please feel free to respond. :)

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