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    I am new here as of today, 27April18. I have been searching the web for figures in which to develop my gesture skill. There are some reasonably nice sites and some boardering on being somewhat pornographic, not a big fan of that. Now, having explored the site here I found it interesting and then I came across some of the most marvelous and beautiful poses. They were hypnotic, they were the older photos or at least that is what I am lead to believe, black and whites. They are simply gorgeous and I became enamored over these and here is my suggestion and my hope. I would love to see this site dedicate a series to these older photos. I feel these are really classical poses of classical women, even some of male figures of this era.
    My other suggestion and hope is a way to bring the poses to full screen on the computer or whatever. The photos are small and hampers ones perception. Now that is my perspective unless I am missing something. There. Said and done.

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    Hi Foxtrot! What type of computer and browser are you using? The photos are meant to automatically resize to be full screen.


    Computer? Who uses a computer for web browsing these days? :)

    Seriously though, this web site has been broken for tablets since the site was redesigned. Is there any chance of fixing it? I'd be willing to pay to support this website to put it back to the way it was.


    There's not just a chance, there's pretty much a guarantee we're going to fix it! :)

    I found that my workload was too high last year to be able to work on side-projects like this one; I have recently gone down to half-time specifically to get back to building stuff that I personally love, with this site being high on that list. As of this week, I'm finally able to once again work actively on it.

    We're definitely not going back to the old tools, as they were problematic for even more people. But tablets will be getting some love as we move forward. :)


    Wow! That's great news!


    That said; please do let me know what kind of tablet you're using, as some of them do work and I need to be sure I'm testing with the correct setup ;)


    I'm using an iPad. Most images have the top and bottom cut off.


    Safari on iPad?


    Yes, Safari.


    A patch just went live that intends to fix the ios resizing bug; this solved it on my own ipad. Please confirm that it works for yours too! :)

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