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    Hi, I just checked my profile and noticed that it says I've logged... five hours.

    I've been doing 30-minute classes a few times a week for a number of months now, and there was a stretch of time where I was doing them daily. In some cases, I had closed the window too early (did all 30 minutes but didn't see the end screen) or had been interrupted and didn't get back to completed class. Those ones don't seem to have been counted. I know for some I wasn't registered / logged in, but the ones I have done while logged in should be more than that.

    Is it possible to have the site count by something like the images you've completed times for, rather than the entire class being marked finished? Or at least to not tie it to seeing the end screen.

    Small suggestion spinning off of that is to have an option to opt-out of the tutorial or notifications about completing the tutorial. I've done it twice, but it was only just now marked completed (for possibly the same reasons those hours weren't logged). The tutorial is great for beginners! But I'm here brushing up on existing skills rather than learning to draw, and only completed it much later.

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    Potentially good news: The way you suggest is how the logging has worked since launch. It is not tied to the end screen (except, perhaps, the specific badge for completing a class of a certain length) - actual practice times are sent in after each photo. They can't be recorded to your account if you're not logged in, your internet connection isn't working, you've been logged out in another window, etc. But that's how it works.

    I'll definitely look into making the tutorial skippable :)


    Just wanted to add: I'm sorry there seems to be missing time for you. It's probably late in the game to figure out what happened there, but hopefully we can keep an eye on it in future and see if we can figure out what happened when you notice time wasn't logged while you were logged in.


    Hey, thanks for the speedy reply and comments!!

    I'm glad I was wrong here - that's genuinely good to know, thank you for clearing it up! I totally forgot about this, but I had a lot of internet problems (outages, etc) when I first started using the site. I'll keep an eye out and see if the problem persists! Thanks again!

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