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    How about Pictures about Stillife ? Like an Fruit basket, or other things like A Glas of wine and many more things that are not living.

    Get more practice photos

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    Hey Angela!

    Thanks for your suggestion. :) I don't know the exact plans at this time but I've passed your suggestion on to Kim for consideration.


    (Please excuse my english)

    Hi! About the "Faces and expressions", would it be possible to get pictures of old people and children too? I think old people's expressions would be really interesting because of all the wrinkles. And children, because both me and many others are used to just drawing grown-ups or teens all day, so we never really get to practice old people and childrens' face-expressions.

    And I would also like to see a clothes-practice. I know the point of this site is to learn how to draw living things, their form etc. But I would still like to draw people with "normal clothes", not just clothes covering up their private pars. Pictures where you can focus more on the clothes' movement and placement on the body, after you've learned a lot/the basics about how the body works. Just so you're not stuck when drawing someone, because you just dont know how the clothes are supposed to look on the body. :)(I have a really hard time putting clothes on my characters, it just doesn't look natural)


    Oh, and one more thing: I know they're not living things that swim, fly, crawl or run around,(so it wouldn't really make much sense having them on this site.) but what about plants? A huge variety of plants, everything from small flowers and leaves to huge trees. Theres a lot of strange-looking plants out there, on both land and in the sea, so I just thought it would be interesting.

    But if you're adding plants then you might as well add buldings and cities too (perspective) But it's all just suggestions though.

    Anways, I am still really thankful for everything that's already here, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helps running this site ^_^ I love it!!!


    Hey Silverfox!

    We've got all of that planned out already. :) We're aching for more diversity in our tools, and we've been wanting a tool for architecture for a while now as well.

    It's all being worked on behind the scenes where resources permit, so all we can really say at this point is 'hold on to your horses because it's coming'!


    Hey, I had similar requests.

    I've only been using the tool for a few weeks, and while I'm getting much better at drawing muscular and conventionally attractive types, I'm getting no experience in drawing things like how body fat hangs off the body, or extreme age, or even physical deformity.

    I understand that these things take time and resources to get copyright permission to use images, so it'll take a while to fix, but I'd really like to see them added to the gesture drawing section when it's possible.

    Thanks for the good work.
    it's an amazing tool.

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