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    OK, HERE are some poses I did to loosen up my hands and feel more confident, but also I'd like you to take a look at them and if there's anything I can work on to improve myself I'd really appreciate it.

    Get more practice photos

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    Good morning.

    Say, nicest job on your shows of initiative, but this link is too damaged. Why don't you please fix it up yourself, so that we can see your work?

    The reason why is because, we really don't know your work unless the link is working properly. For most info, please look up some help on Google or DuckDuckGo for searching pages.

    Hope these have helped you out extremely well.

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    Good day.

    Oh I'm sorry, thanks for letting me know. I will share here two links so you can enter. By the way, doing poses in 30 seconds is a career I've never had, it's fun😂. A hug to all.


    Good morning, Stiven, and nicest job on your range of gestures and action of your lines of your figures. I think that these poses are positively, absolutely on the rightest track, but I feel that these are all feeling even most expressive to me.

    Your only one link is working fine, but the last one seems to have a 404 page error page. Please fix it up, so that we can see it all clearly. As a result, you won't be able to have another 404 error, like last time.

    I really and totally feel that these poses seem a bit too much rigidest to me. Why don't you please loosen up your range of lines of action and rhythm with our interactive drawing tutorial?

    The reason why you could and should loosen up your hands by taking our drawing tutorial is because, you can, shall, and will be able to free up your gesture drawing fundamentals by starting with the quickest warmups, then ending with the slowest but longer drawings done in 2-5 minutes as a way to sculpt out the shapes in the figures. If you're the most curious about gesture drawing for animation and cartooning and art in general, please look into the free PDFs of the Walt Stanchfield books here, and HERE!

    Good luck to you from me.


    Good day. I'm sorry about the links, it's good that it worked with the first one, I'll stop trying with the second one. I get it, they look stiff, so it doesn't bother me to want to take them to another level and improve them, thanks for taking the time to look.

    I will study the files and continue with the poses, I really want to let go of my hands and enjoy it. Thank you very much for the support. Always hoping to improve, a hug.



    One of the best things about your work is you have a clear drawing hand style that is rather identifiable. Your marks look rather sure, clean and clear. Which is not something you see on here on this site often. Great work.

    But if you want to make your work more anatomically correct, I think that you would do well with a stint or two drawing with your non-dominant hand. I think it will help you see details, loosen up, as Polyvois stated and help you describe the image more fully with your pencil.

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art


    Hey, Artisfun,

    Why is their nothing on your reply? Please add you topic to your window!


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