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    Hello all,

    I'm only recently getting in to art and have a pretty poor all allaround skill level, so I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for studies to supplement doing daily figuredrawing excersises.

    thanks so much

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    If I had any recommendations, it's doing real-life drawings. If you have a chance to draw something in real life, then go draw something in real life. Like still lifes or drawing people you see on the subway. Those sorts of things, it doesn't all have to be from a reference that's on a screen. Go outside sketch watch you see. Sketch your room, your chair anything! And it's so much more versatile than just doing figure drawings, you can pack in things like value and have a better understanding of light and perspective etc.


    Yes I would echo what Krinmu says. Draw from life! Just like this website, it's practice that nobody will see and it won't happen over night, but you'll notice gradually that it will influence your work in general. Draw people, draw buildings, draw things that are around you when you are bored and have the urge to look at your phone :) I just drew this picture on the bus on the way to the city centre. Not the greatest sketch but good practice. Good luck in your artistic journey :)


    Thanks so much I got so cought up in the idea of doing formal studies, that i didn't think about that.

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