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    Hello! I am by far no advanced drawer. Rather the exact opposite, and I am wanting to change that. I now feel like I am able to take drawing more seriously, instead of just doodling, and giving up because it looks like totally shit.

    30 sec:

    1 minute:

    5 minutes:

    12 minutes:

    These are my tries today. What I am most interested is; Will practicing these classes help on different areas in the length? Honestly I'm a bit skeptical that I will get better at drawing not knowing how I should, just that I should.

    So many questions pop into my head...
    Am I sketching correctly?
    Should I 'shade' like I did on 5 minutes, or should I start "semi-linework" like on 12 minutes?

    The path before me is just so foggy I have no idea where I am going. :)

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