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    Hey guys!

    It's your forum moderator here. I spent some time in the hospital at the beginning of this month and I'm back home on medication. I'm pretty sluggish so I'm not in much of a condition to give valuable criticism and practice tips, but I will still be monitoring the forum for spam and double posts every week.

    I hope to be off my medication in a week or two and then I'm back in the saddle. :) If anything's up or you need assistance, feel free to reply to this topic - I'll be getting email notifications so I can be right on top of things!

    Keep on drawing and rock on.

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    Hey Sanne,

    Been awhile since I stopped by here. Plan to do some figure drawing practice and will check the forum.
    Hope you are feeling better!



    Thank you very much!

    I'm back in the saddle now, and I'll try to catch up on topics and keep a close eye on new ones from here on. Thanks everyone for putting up with my absence!

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