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    I'm writing a comic book along with an artist, and he's asked me to turn my script into thumbnails. I've never done them before and I'm not sure how to go about it. Does anyone have advice or examples?

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    A comic thumbnail is basicly a rough outline of the page.

    so you just have to basicly rough out the pages panels.

    EX -


    A belated thank you for the link. I just finished the thumbnails and sent them to my friend.


    Old thread but... other people may find this helpful and interesting in case anybody is looking to go beyond the initial thumbnails concept art. These are some cool storyboards from the animated show Kim Possible. Of course storyboards don't have to be this well done as these are professional storyboards however there's still loads you can learn from them. :)

    Its more partial to animation but the same concepts can be applied to comics as well.


    This thread got even older, but I thought I should mention: when drawing up those little thumbnails, always make sure they are to scale. Same proportions.

    It's annoying to when someone takes the time to draw up their carefully planned composition and they look great... only when I draw them up to the paper size required nothing fits right. Does this make sense?

    So for example, if your final art size is 26cm x 18cm you should be drawing your thumbs at 8.6cm x 6. (JUST an example)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone? :)


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