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    aspiring self learning animator working on my gesture drawings for the first time would love the advice and support much thanks

    only way i know to upload pictures on here

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    Hey there!

    Your gestures look pretty decent! How long have you been drawing?

    If you want to do animation, understanding anatomy is absolutely important. Your gestures show that there are still some underlying issues with your ability to put together the different body parts and how to angle them correctly.

    You may want to start by simplifying your gestures into more basic lines to capture motion and get proportions down first before you work out a sketch more. One of our members has some good visual examples of how to get basic form and motion down into a few simple pencil strokes, I highly recommend their thread:


    I'm basically going to say the same thing Sanne said. You need to look at the entire figure (Not just parts of it at a time)and get the body parts to look natural compared to each other, an issue you have is that something looks way too big/small compared to the rest of the body. 30-second warm-ups are a great help when you want to learn to focus on the figure in its entirety, and not just focus on just the arm for example. When those 30 seconds are up you'd want to have a quick figure sketch, not just an arm. :) My advice would be to start off with quick figure sketches and move on to the details later, it's very important to get down the basics first. Hope it helped


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