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    I'm pretty excited about this site coming up with the hands and feet tool, as well as the possibility of a mobile app. However, I've found lots of other things in addition to what's offered here that might be of use to self-teaching artists trying to find their way around the resources of the internet [which can vary pretty wildly in quality]. Here are some of the good ones I've dug up. has a lot of 3d models for drawing anatomy in particular. A great site to practice structure and variety. Less useful for hair/shading. Stan Prokopenko does some of the best videos I've ever seen for facial structure, the loomis method, and facial features. He'll be doing some figure drawing videos soon too. He works with traditional media, so you won't find much on color/digital work, but excellent for anyone who wants to improve at the head. and many more! Pretty much everyone knows that deviantart is a place to share your artwork and find inspiration. What lots of people don't know is that there are many dedicated free stock imagery providers there too! Just try to credit them and follow their rules for use if they have any. And DO NOT critique their work - they aren't artists, they're stock providers, and they don't need to be told how to "pose better". For anyone [like myself] who wants to do digital artwork via tablet or monitor, this is your place of choice. Matt Kohr is a professional digital artist dedicated to covering the digital world for creators who can't afford art school. In addition to the digital basics, he also has a series of videos on self motivation, art management, and things to avoid ("speedpainting" and "silhouettes" are not the way to go if you're just starting out!).  This site used to be a place much like this one, with a nice selection of face pictures. It looks like it's down though... anybody know what happened? Full of galleries specifically targeting character design, this is a great site if you're looking to do concept artwork. In addition to normal poses and models, they also have a lot of costume/prop support and even some machinery/landscape stuff for steampunk and noir concepts. The site also provides some examples of professional concept work from John Watkiss, Anthony Francisco and others.


    That's pretty much everything I use. Anybody have comments or other great sites they'd like to add?


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    Thanks so much for sharing these! I have used some of the above tools, and they're great. is actually one of the places that donated photos to our tools. I am especially fond of them.


    Thanks for sharing ;0)


    These tools are all excellent! Thank you for sharing. :)

    I would like to point out something about the stock photography on DA: some stock artists do NOT allow derived works to be posted anywhere other than DeviantArt! Please double-check with the stock rules so you won't be breaking them. I know a lot of them don't mind if gesture drawings are posted around, but some do. :) Better be safe than sorry!


    Love the Proko videos, super helpful!
    An awesome site with many dedicated and professional artists, the best part is the sketchbook section. Be sure to be ready for criticism there, but if you really want to improve, it's got the best environment I've found for it!
    Copies of Andrew Loomis' anatomy books. I think they're all out of print now so they're free for use.
    Lots of human skulls to reference, good for learning the proportions of the face.
    Great tutorial on color.
    Pretty awesome site with a lot of useful tutorials.


    Can anyone here list down some good image galleries about dancers, as well as parkour?

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