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    Hello, this is my study on the muscles of the torso (the upper part). I still have trouble with the insertion point around the shoulder blade.

    Any criticism would be greatly appreciated.

    My studies :)

    Thank You

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    Hello and good evening, Fai, and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, and how are you doing tonight? Greatest job on your range of gesture and clarity of muscles of the uppermost part of the torso. But when it comes to your problem with the insertion point, the shoulder masses all seem too stiffest to me yet. Would you like to please go ahead with 6 minutes of 2 minute shoulder blade studies, all drawn underhanded, and all drawn with your dominant arm?

    The reason why you could do this is because, your shoulder blades will be sketched the least stiffest, but the most dynamic, energetic, but fluidest but flowing. For most info, please look into the Burne Hogarth Dyanmic Anatomy and Life Drawing books on Amazon.

    My hat's off, and thanks.


    I am not an anatomy expert, but I think there is also a shorter muscle above the clavicula, that looks like an extension of the shoulder muscle. If I remember correctly, one is for lifting the upper arm to the side, while the short one is to move the clavicula upwards towards the ears. And it's not the green neck muscle, that one is for moving the head to the side.

    The important thing, on a really shredded shoulder, the muscle doesnt stop underneath the clavicula.

    checking, if the link works

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    Thank you so much for the critique, I'll keep in mind on that

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