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    Hello! Snail here. I tried a class out for the first time and this was my final drawing. It was a 10-minute sketch of a face. I am 13 years old and would really like some critique on this. Thank you!

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    Well there, Snails, I've seen your very first 10 minute sketch of a face. I must completely and totally say, that your potential is definitely on the right track.

    And as for a tiny bit of aid, it would be to say that your face is a little bit scribbly for my tastes, yet it needs to be more loose and bolder. Why don't you please go for 10 minutes of 5 minute faces and expressions????????? (10/5=2 drawings of expressions)

    The reason why you would be trying and be going to do this is because, your faces will slowly become the least stiff, and gradually become more fluid, vital, and lively, but your myelin will thank your for this special task for you. If you really need more unique info, be sure to look up a PDF, or an out-of-print book, of Nick Meglin's Drawing from Within. (Mad Magazine)

    Good luck from me, and I hope you've found this definitely and absolutely useful and encouraging.


    Your face is very expressive. You need to do some studying of anatomy (information is free on the internet). You might want to try Pinterest where you can get examples of many things. As you go along, you might want to expand your drawing to hands, feet, and the whole figure. You might also try different mediums, like graphite or pen & ink. Whatever you do, keep drawing (but don't neglect your other studies).

    Remember: Practice makes better.


    Okay! Thank you! I will try these out!! :)


    Lines are too messy

    Face proportions are off (unless it is done intentionally as an art style)

    Neck anatomy is wrong (lines on neck make no sense)

    Overall not bad


    I would reccomend practcicing faces more and also something that helps me is doing bigger pictures. It's kind of like it gives you more area to work with and your lines wouldn't be as close together. But thats just a suggestion so keep up the good work!


    Okay! I will try that!!

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