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    Because the image doesnt seem to work, use this link

    After watching the lip-tutorial, I applied the system onto the rest of the face as well and got this as a result. Tho Im still unsatisfied with the hair and would love some advice on that.

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    Beautiful girl. If you want more realism, focus on the shape of the model’s nose and the size of the eyes.


    Hi ... You asked about the hair... I think for me the biggest problem is the angle/perspective and hairline... and not the hair itself. Something feels off about it.

    I think in a frontal view like this you would see much less hair at the forhead, you may reference with fotos for that. That gives the head an unclear or unrealistc look from above and the front at the same time.

    Otherwise i think the style of the hair suites for your picture.

    Hope that was usefull to you


    The left side looks good, but I think the hair on the right looks too clean. There are always some strands standing away or aren't "synchrone" with the others, especially with curly hair. Adding some more volume to the curly hair part maybe helps too.

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