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    hi im trying to get into a art high school but i dont know if my art is really go enough :

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    You know what I'd recommend? Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, cause it's the greatest one in the East Coast!


    I'm tying to get into walnuts hill school for the arts in mass but I'm don't know if I can like it's a high school and I don't know if my art skills are good enough because I've only been really getting into art in 7th grad im in 8th ahhhh


    It's fantastic that you are getting into art now. I know there must be a lot of anxiety and fear of failure with decisions like these. But if this is truly a passion for you, I recommend to just try your best and don't be afraid. Art as a career or even as a hobby have so many avenues that you can go down, and it is a lifelong thing.

    I for one hope you do get in, but if you don't, there are always more options. Don't give up before you start! Hard work will never not be rewarded.

    I personally only really into art as a serious endeavour in my late teens. I changed my path from an engineering major to wanting to get into digital design but I wasn't accepted for my university of choice. Dropped out 1st year for another university. Went soul-searching for a year. But now I'm very satisfied as a professional tattoo artist. So don't be afraid of failure, it is just an opportunity for growth.

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