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    The other day I drew some quick sketches of my and a friend's cats. I'm trying to get better at getting accurate proportions down fast, and I was wondering what how I should work on that. Obviously I know I need to practice, but what should I focus on? Any critique is greatly appreciated!


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    Nice job on your cat sketches, Eeveecat1248, nice job on your trial. But I've got one small request: If you haven't done the interactive tutorial already, why don't you do it, pretty please? Why?? Because it'll help you with a few things: 1) It'll help you loosen up on your line quality, and 2) You'll get a much, much, superior idea and energy that you can apply into your animal drawings. Won't you do it for us, pretty please??

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    If you mean the page here, I've already been through it. If you mean the tools here, I've been using them. I put up the gesture drawings I did before signing up, and I have since nearly filled an entire (small) sketchbook with gesture drawings from the tool. I've been debating how much time to give before I post more sketches, and how long to wait so I don't clog the critique board.

    If I may extrapolate, are you telling me to try to put more energy into my sketches?


    Your drawings of the cats have improves so muched from the first picture to the lastest picture. Its looking good so far. I say you take a picture of the cat you're going to draw and use the picture as refence to then draw a quick skeleton on where the head,body and facial porportions go. Other than that take some time to do a full class and challange yourself on drawing other animals.


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